Frequently Asked Questions

On-shore or off-shore?

We provide extended warranty for on-shore wind.

Where in the world?

Almost everywhere

What turbines can be insured?

Any main name model turbine under 20 years of age.

What is covered?

If your turbine breaks due to electrical or mechanical breakdown, the warranty will pay for the repair to the turbine. Examples are breakdown of bearings, failure of PCBs, gearboxes and generators. Please click here (link to the page with Main Components) for more details.

Is cover provided for the whole turbine?

Only the parts listed in the List of Main Components are covered. Please click here (link to the page with Main Components) for more details.

How long can we provide the warranty for?

Up to 60 months.

Can I buy the WindWarrantyPlus for longer than five years?

Currently, the product is available in “blocks” of five-year periods. You can renew your policy with us once the first block has expired.

What is the limit of protection?

We will pay up to the amount agreed in the warranty schedule, over the life of the warranty.

There is no limit to the number of payments that can be made save that the total amount that can be recovered under the warranty cannot under any circumstances exceed the amount shown in the warranty document's schedule.

There is also a maximum amount any one claim that can be recovered following a breakdown. The amount is shown in the schedule - see full terms and conditions.

What does the warranty pay for?

If your turbine breaks down, we pay for the costs to put it back in working order. This means the costs of labour, parts, one crane visit and reasonable costs of travel, including any overnight stay required spent on your behalf by your O & M company to repair your turbine. We pay for the expediting costs to ship parts from overseas if this is the only way to repair your turbine. We may decide to repair damaged parts rather than replace them.

Is an O & M Contract and Remote Monitoring required?

These must be operative.

What is the level of deductible/excess?

The level of the excess varies according to the age and MW of the turbine.

Can the warranty be cancelled?

The warranty cannot be cancelled by the warranty provider or by CNC Asset.

If you are selling the turbine or ceasing to trade, then you can cancel the warranty and obtain a pro rata refund or sell the turbine with the warranty included. In either case the warranty must be claim free. Otherwise you cannot cancel the warranty. If the cost of the warranty is being financed, you should discuss the repayment with the finance company. In the event of the warranty being cancelled, Ventus reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of EUR500.

What's not included?

Any electrical or mechanical breakdowns:

This is just a summary of the protection.

Can the warranty be applied to new, in situ and reconditioned turbines?

Yes and you will receive the same benefits whether the turbine is new, in situ or reconditioned.

Are the premiums shown for just one year’s cover?

The premiums stated are for five year’s cover. Ventus WindWarrantyPlus is a long term non-cancellable product (similar to OEM warranty).

If one of the main components of the WTG failed and caused associated/resultant damage to any other component that is not covered under the list of main components, then would the resultant/consequentially damaged components (e.g. tower, or blades) be covered? Or are only components in the List of Main Components covered, regardless of direct damage or consequential damage?

Only the parts listed in the List of Main Components are covered. As this is a breakdown policy, the tower, foundations and external cables would not be covered. However, resultant damage to any part of the turbine, caused by breakdown to a part in the List of Main Components, is covered.

Why is Extended Warranty required as well as Operational All Risks?

In the same way that a warranty was provided by the manufacturer with a new turbine and the Operational All Risks (OAR) policy was optional. The OAR included breakdown. Ventus WindWarrantyPlus, like the Manufacturer’s Warranty, is designed as the primary breakdown product.

Ventus’s Authorised Service Providers receive training on the Ventus WindWarrantyPlus Product. Consequently, Ventus’s Authorised Service Providers know they must respond to the breakdown immediately and fix it; Ventus will deal with the claim after the event. No loss adjusters are involved (which often slows the OAR claim process down).

Extended Warranty is not a substitute for OAR. OAR may not be renewable or the cost may rise prohibitively – Ventus WindWarrantyPlus extended warranty will be there come what may for the five years (or longer in some cases) at a fixed price. As turbines age, they break down more frequently and the costs associated rise. Part of the aging process most suffer from!

Who takes care of the claims?

If you purchase extended warranty from the OEM you have to deal with the claim. If you buy from Ventus, then Ventus will help with claims settlement. What happens if the manufacturer goes out of business?

Ask about parts, labor, and other expenses?

Never assume that a standard WTG extended warranty insurance includes parts and labor costs. Ventus WindWarrantyPlus includes the costs of labour, parts, one crane visit and reasonable costs of travel, including any overnight stay required spent on behalf of the insured by the Operations & Maintenance company to repair the turbine

Know Who You’re Working With

When you purchase an extended warranty plan, you’re making a contract between you and Ventus who place your business only with first class A-rated insurers.