Who we are

Ventus GmbH (Ventus) is a Vienna, Austria based specialist insurance broker dealing exclusively with wind turbine extended warranty and other wind industry related insurance lines. Ventus can offer bespoke insurance solutions for a broad range of businesses from wind power generation industry as well financial institutions involved in financing of wind power generation.


Our ability to listen to clients and fully understand their needs is fundamental to our success. After our team identifies and analyzes possible solutions, we recommend the best option to meet your objectives. We provide clients with access to products from top-rated insurance companies, giving them peace of mind knowing that we have delivered a customized solution at a competitive price.

Extended warranty

Extended warranty covers main parts of the wind turbine against sudden and unforeseen breaking, distortion, overheating or electrical burnout.

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Transit insurance

All turbine components can be covered during transit (marine, air freight, road haulage) from any supplier, for any accidental loss or damage.

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Delayed start up

Financial loss caused by an insured peril during the transit phase of the project.

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Construction insurance

All Risk cover including electrical and mechanical breakdown during construction. Cover is also available for construction plant, cranes and machinery.

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Advanced loss revenue

Financial loss caused by an insured peril during the construction phase of the project.

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Operational insurance

All Risk cover is offered for the turbine once in operation, including electrical and mechanical breakdown.

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Loss of revenue

Financial loss caused by an insured peril during the operational phase of the project.

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Liability insurance

We can provide liability cover for all project stages, tailored to fit the individual project being undertaken.

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